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Get Professional Guidance and Representation from an Immigration Lawyer in Chicago, IL

Every immigration case is unique, and everyone faces unique legal challenges in their own personal situations.
At Cicero Law Group, our immigration lawyers aim to provide personalized guidance and practical solutions to help our clients achieve their goals.
We advise individuals, governments, and private companies on a wide variety of immigration and international law-related matters. Our office is based in Chicago, IL, but we represent clients throughout the U.S and abroad. Get in touch with us today to discuss your situation with an attorney who listens and cares. We are prepared to assist you however possible.

We’re Here to Help You Navigate Your Situation

Our attorneys are multilingual and able to communicate directly with clients. We are also members of the Chicago Legal Alliance, a network of over 30 law firms that work together to meet clients’ unique needs. With our experience and resources, you can get the guidance you need to achieve the result you want.  


  • Family-Based Immigration
  • Employment-Based Immigration
  • Naturalization
  • Deportation Defense
  • + More  

Our immigration lawyers have extensive legal knowledge and practical experience assisting clients with:  


We are here to ensure you understand your situation, know your options, and have the support you need on your immigration journey.  

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Schedule a Consultation to Discuss Your Case with an Experienced Bilingual Immigration Attorney 

If you would like to discuss your situation with an immigration/deportation lawyer in the Chicago area, we encourage you to schedule a consultation today. We would be happy to assess your needs and advise you on how to proceed. Call (312) 888-9659 or fill out our online contact form to request your consultation now.
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