Cancellation of Removal Granted

Cancellation of Removal Granted. An undocumented Ecuadorian National mistakenly exits the United States while visiting the border with his family. He is detained and placed in removal proceedings. After four years of work, he is allowed to stay and has received his Legal permanent resident status

Supervision on Driving on a suspended license

Supervision on Driving on a suspended license. November9, 2012. Rolling meadows, Illinois. Judge sentenced our client to supervision thanks to negotiation on part of our attorney. All other defendants had received up to 30 days in jail for the same offense that morning.

H1B Visa granted

H1B Visa granted. Hospitality Industry Manager at well-known downtown restaurant was granted H1B status as a result of application. The petition was under strict scrutiny, but out staff was able to convince Service and H1B was granted.

Costly Litigation averted

Costly Litigation averted. Business litigation ensued after partner decided to split during tough economic times. Firm brokered a very beneficial buy-out, with a term of years. Our client saved 25% of the initial offering, representing over $30 thousand dollars in savings for the Corporation.